President Buhari presides over Federal Executive Council (FEC) Meeting in State House on 5th Feb 2020


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  1. Hi
    I fully support President Mohammad Bihari on fighting corruption and I thank God for united state of america for recommendation.
    I want him to work on security because corruption full all our security agency that’s why we have security challenge we are face today. God bless Nigeria
    God PMB
    God Bless us…

  2. While the nation is in deep turmoil, you continue to send photos of leaders laughing and making jest of our situation! Continue!

  3. Please sir, allow me to use the opportunity of this medium to send my Onion over the insecurity treating the northeast and other securities challenge in this country Nigeria, am a bonafied indigenous of BORNO STATE, Biu emirate council is only emirate didn’t leave his territory due to understanding of our political thugs agenda, both Christian and Muslims while the other part of BORNO couldn’t because of the massive population are not literate in western education, as am writing this piece of my personal opinion, formally I was a ALMAJI informal education later I realized that without the western education, I couldn’t achieved my aims, I started GDSS BIU is located at the agogolagema army barrack BIU, BORNO state, were I proceeded to college of health technology Maiduguri, obtained certificate in environmental health assistant, 2009 to 2011 latter on in 2017 to 2019 rejoined the college for retraining in diploma environmental health science as officers course, I apply for many jobs at all level of federal state and local government farastatal, while because am not an political thugs I couldn’t get any. Our politician are our sponsored of so call BOKOHARAM, they started with a ECOMOG latter on switch it to BOKOHARAM, can you imagine, lastly I want send my personal advice’s to the president of federal Republic of Nigeria to encourage our ably governor with positive out come, I want all security agent to comply with his rules to end off the ruminant out of our state and the country at large, through only one way, that’s, by joining all the traditional leaders, vigilante, CJF, Arms forces to be well equipped with all gadget. I suggest as a ordinary citizen of this country concerns, peace can be maintain in our all borders to detect illegal importation of all kinds. Thank you sir, apology for all inconvenience words.

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