Photos: President Buhari receives in audience Senate President Ahmed Lawan and Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila in State House on 16th July 2020


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  1. Upon reflection, one might argue that the essence of life is life itself. I wonder what it will be like if life suddenly mean nothing. Thus, while we’re part of it, it becomes imperative for us to make it has a meaning to everyone of us. I am glad that the president is maintaining a good relationship with the national assembly leaders in his effort to make life meaningful for all Nigerians. This brings to focus the issue of direct job creation by the government aim at keeping the economy going. I see this as an opportunity to rebuild the country’s social, economy and infrastructural readiness for a true futuristic transformation. However, such monumental and historic objective should not be done in a hurry even though we might argue that the current situation requires urgent response.
    The fact that the government considers the program as that of regeneration is more than necessary to make it an investment rather than what it is perceived by many as mere job creation. We should remember that the essence of any development is transformation and if it does not transform holistically, it would probably mean that it is likely to be sectional. However, I see this laudable project as a step in the right direction, having live and worked in most major European cities and countries, such projects that could be hitherto known as youth empowerment program is often done through education and training. This does not mean that it cannot be a paid employment. I take my example from nursing; students goes into hospitals for practicals which form about 70% of their training while theory through which the fundamentals of the profession is thought is essentially a philosophical baseline. I want Nigeria to be transformed through knowledge and abilities, hence the job creation to have a value added aspect that will enable to it to be sustainable and truly transforming. This is to say and from my understanding that in order for the program to be truly transforming it must have three cardinal points which are endurance; meaning it can be durable, sustenance; that is, it is sustainable and finally adaptability, that is it is can be easily adopted, absorbed and adapted to the realities of any functional entity. Example, we may ask such question as, what are our challenges as a nation?, job creation being one, infrastructural modernization and enduring economy growth being the other. We may ask a question such as how do we ensure that the beneficiaries will become an integral part of our developmental engine?. Again in my view, What would have to be done is to crop beneficiaries rather than generalize the approach because you can only transform a situation or a person if their built is adaptable. Thus, it meant that if a state requires 10 engineers to rejuvenate its social infrastructure and already has 3, the program should be able to supply it with 2 more qualified engineers and 5 trainee engineers. And, If on the other hand, an area of the country has a large agriculture led economy, those that will benefit will be directly linked to an aspect of the state economy activity example, training people to be agricultural technicians, agricultural equipment management and even agricultural infrastructure builders, hence helping to build capacity in their respective sectors. As a youth in France, I myself participated in such program. Having graduated from university without meaningful employment, I was offered the opportunity to have additional training that was very beneficial to me because my first job after the training landed me an opportunity to become a production manager in a completely different economic sector. Hence, my argument that alike nursing where classroom education is nothing but philosophical transformation of a person, the real knowledge is in the field of making. My reason for writing in this column is to afford us the opportunity to rethink the program in order for it to become a vital element in both our social and economic transformation as a nation. May almighty God cap your efforts with success and for God to continue to Bless Nigeria.

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